No Fuel. No External Power Source. No Emissions. Endless Power.

Nikola Tesla – “When I made the discovery of the rotating magnetic field I was a very young man. The revelation came after years of concentrated thought and it was my first great thrill.”

Introducing Revolutionary – Silent, Perpetual, Permanent Magnetic Generators PMGs Components Video

Magnetic Power Generators (PMGs) represent an innovative and eco-friendly approach to energy generation, harnessing the inherent power of magnets to produce electricity. The future is here…

Permanent Magnetic Generators PMGs Video Invention… The Global Gamechanger In Energy Technology. Power To The PEOPLE!

Magnetic Energy with PMG’s: The Infinite Power Source PMG’s stand at the pinnacle of innovation, harnessing magnetism to generate a ceaseless stream of electricity.


Our innovative technology extracts water from the air and converts it into pure and fresh drinking water.

PlanetsWater AWG 250L/24hr Working Video Operation

An atmospheric water generator generates fresh daily drinking water from the air increasingly known as the ‘water from air’ or ‘air to water’ miracle water machine.

Precision engineering, manufacturing process of ‘Permanent Magnetic Generators’ PMGs Working Video.

NO FUEL. NO EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE. CLEAN, GREEN, ENDLESS POWER. Perpetual Silent Magnetic Power Generation Unleashing the Power of Clean Energy PlanetsPower’s PMG solutions, pave your way to a redefined energy landscape. Adaptable across residential, commercial, and industrial arenas, our PMG systems are also tailor-made for maritime applications, from yachts to cruise liners, and even oil and gas platforms. In emergency scenarios, like disaster relief, they prove to be an indispensable and reliable energy source.

Permanent Magnetic Generators PMGs, working video and display equipment to prove PMGs functionality.

Features of our Perpetual, Silent, Permanent Magnetic Generators – Neodymium-Fe-B Magnets – IP 54 or Higher Protection Grade – High Customised Ability – Low RPM – High Efficiency and Low Torque – Brushless, synchronised movement – AC 3-Phase Perpetual synchronous movement – High tech cooling methods – Large power range available from 2kW to 1.5MW – SKF Oil high speed Bearing, maintenance free, long-life, 100-years.

Testing of our Silent, Perpetual, Permanent Magnetic Generator PMG

Magnetic endless power generators and atmospheric water generators are effective at small-scale production, and can be scaled up to meet the needs of entire communities or regions. In fact, we can supply Magnetic Power Generators PMGs from 2KW/h or 10KW/h right up to 1.5MW/h. Pricing ranging from $32k usd up to $3M usd. Our Atmospheric Water Generation AWGs technology can produce from 25ltrs per day up to 20,000ltrs per day with pricing ranging from $1,295 usd up to $400k usd. Of course, both technologies and models can be combined to facilitate ‘any’ water and power demands offering an endless supply of pure fresh water and energy.

Disrupting the Renewable Energy Industry with a REAL Alternative to the Alternatives.

PlanetsPower & PlanetsWater: Our Dual Solution for a Sustainable Future

We’re thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking, eco-friendly, and economically savvy ‘PlanetsPower & PlanetsWater’ solutions to the global escalating power and water dilemmas.

Presently, the globe grapples with a rising energy demand, while the conventional resources to cater to this demand wane. This urgent situation underscores the necessity for innovative and sustainable alternatives. Rising to this occasion are our magnetic endless power generators, seamlessly coupled with atmospheric water generators.

Magnetic endless power generators are silent perpetual mechanisms harnessing magnetic fields to produce electricity. Remarkably, they are very low maintenance, contain few moving components, and are devoid of reliance on external fuel sources. Their operational principle centers on manipulating the magnetic properties of specific materials to spawn an electric current.

Conversely, atmospheric water generators are engineered to harvest water directly from ambient air by leveraging atmospheric humidity. Various techniques, ranging from condensation to refrigeration, facilitate this water extraction, rendering the harvested water usable for drinking, agricultural, or industrial purposes.

The combined utility of these technologies unlocks multiple planetary benefits. Chiefly, they represent a green, sustainable energy and water source, distancing us from the pitfalls of fossil fuels and other non-renewable avenues. Such a shift can considerably curtail power generation’s carbon emissions, a known climate change culprit.