PlanetsWater: How It All Functions

Extracting Water from Atmosphere – Our unique technology captures moisture from the atmosphere and purifies it into clean, drinkable water. This is invaluable for those desiring uncontaminated hydration, bypassing the risks associated with municipal supplies or the costs and environmental impact of bottled water. By doing this, we eliminate the ecological damage of plastic bottle waste and negate the carbon emissions tied to water transportation.

Making Sense of It All

  • Economic Efficiency: Reduction in production and installation costs.

  • Environmentally Conscious: Minimises fossil fuel usage and promotes a cleaner environment.

  • Unparalleled Water Purity: Consistently delivers water of a high standard.

  • Resource Conservation: Reduces the consumption of mains water and electricity.

  • Time-efficient: A streamlined solution that also reduces health risks associated with contaminated water sources.

The Wellness Aspect of Light Alkaline Water Our PlanetsWater AWG systems yield mildly alkaline water with a pH of 7.2 – 7.5, ensuring numerous benefits. This water aids in balancing the body’s pH by counteracting acidity. Its micro-molecular nature facilitates better hydration at a cellular level. Additionally, its oxygen-rich composition improves blood oxygen levels. The water produced aids nutrient absorption and expels acidic wastes and toxins. This surpasses the health benefits of regular tap or bottled water.

Our AWG-produced water also carries a high negative ion content, enhancing mood, alertness, energy, and overall cognitive function. It even contributes to weight management. Enhance your home or office with superior hydration and say goodbye to disposable water bottles.

Understanding Alkaline Water The pH scale measures a solution’s acidity or alkalinity. Any solution with a pH below 7 is acidic, while those above 7 are alkaline. Human blood naturally maintains a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 – 7.4. Our AWG machines, producing water with a pH of 7.2 – 7.5, are aligned with this balance.

When the body faces excessive acidity, it tends to lose essential minerals. To cater to your body’s mineral requirements, consider hydrating with 1.5 to 2 ltrs of alkaline water daily. This should go hand in hand with a balanced diet filled with vegetables and fruits.

Home & Office AWG Solutions Our AWG units tailored for domestic and small-scale commercial settings produce between 15 and 80 ltrs per day. They’re easy to use – virtually a plug-in system – and demand minimal maintenance, such as occasional filter replacements, depending on usage and environmental factors. These devices function optimally with humidity levels over 50%, although they operate at a minimum of 30%. Reach out to us for more details on humidity requirements.

Commercial & Industrial AWG Solutions These AWGs cater to extensive water needs while promoting eco-friendly practices. Our traditional PlanetsWater units produce 100 to 5000 ltrs, while our latest, energy-efficient models range from 100 to an impressive 10000 ltrs. The technology is grounded in harnessing atmospheric moisture, bypassing ground sources, and offering the purest form of hydration.

Tapping into Nature’s Reservoir PMG and AWG: The Duo for Infinite Energy and Hydration

In the journey towards environmental sustainability, experts have delved into numerous green technologies. The blend of Permanent Magnetic Generators (PMG) and Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) emerges as an unparalleled combo, supplying endless energy and pure water. This partnership paves the way for a more sustainable, self-reliant future.

In the face of evolving global challenges, merging PMG’s energy capabilities with AWG’s hydration solutions provides a roadmap to self-sustaining habitats. This synergy is the key to an eco-friendly future, endorsing both the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Let’s champion nature’s offerings and incorporate these groundbreaking technologies. Dive into our green innovations – the future is now.